Major:Social Studies- Teach Cert 5-12 Option (BS)
Lakes Region Community College to Plymouth State University

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3 Credits*CD3000 (Phil&Hist Persp Child Society)
3 Credits*EC3000-4999
3 CreditsEDU1200L or EDU2000L or EDU2300L or LEDU2300
3 Credits*ED3350 (Clsrm Plng Mgt Org Mid/Sec Ed)
3 Credits*GE2001 (Physical Geography)
3 Credits*GE2002 (Human Geography)
3 Credits*HI2010 (World History Since 1500)
3 Credits*HI2020 (Surveying Themes in US History)
3 Credits*HI3000-4999
3 CreditsLPOL2310 or POLS2310L
3 Credits*PS3190 (Development and Understanding)
3 Credits*SE3090 (Intro to Special Ed:Mid & Sec)
3 Credits*SS2500 (Social Studies Methods 5-12)
3 Credits*SS4350 (Soc Stu Theory & Practice 5-12)
12 Credits*SS4850 (Social Studies Stu Teach 5-12)
3 CreditsHUMA1310L or LHUM1310 or LSOC1240 or SOCI1240L or *SO2380 Social Problems
3 Credits*EC2000 Survey of Modern Economics or LSOC2320 or SOCI2320L or LSOC2310 or SOCI2310L
3 Credits*PO1030 World Politics or *PO3150
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12 Credits*AN3000-4999
12 Credits*EPL3000-49999
12 Credits*GE3000-4999
12 Credits*HI3000-4999
12 Credits*PO3000-4999
12 Credits*SO3000-4999
12 Credits*SS3000-4999
12 Credits*TMP3000-4999
6 Credits*AN3000-4999 or *EPL3000-49999 or *GE3000-4999 or *HI3000-4999 or *PO3000-4999 or *SO3000-4999 or *SS3000-4999 or *TMP3000-4999
3 CreditsLMAT2160 or MATH2160L or *SS3700 Social Statistics
3 CreditsENGL1200L or LENG1200
3 Credits*IS1111 (First Year Sem: Crit Thinking)
3 CreditsMathematics Foundation
6 CreditsCreative Thought Direction
6 CreditsPast and Present Direction
6-8 CreditsScientific Inquiry Direction
6 CreditsSelf and Society Direction
3 CreditsGeneral Elective
122 Credits
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