Major:Nursing-RNBP (BS) (Starting Fall 2011)
Manchester Community College to University of New Hampshire

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3 CreditsPSYC110 or PSYC110M
4 CreditsBIOL110 or BIOL110M
4 CreditsBIOL120 or BIOL120M
4 Credits*NUTR400 (Nutrition in Health and Well Being )
4 Credits*BMS501 (Microbes in Human Disease )
4 Credits*HHS540 (Statistics for Health and Human Service Profession ) or *PSYC402 (Statistics in Psychology ) or *SOC502 (Statistics )
7 Credits*NURS606 (Seminar on Professional Nursing )
3 Credits*NURS617 (Nursing and Healthcare Policy )
4 Credits*NURS622 (Clinical Decision Making II )
4 Credits*NURS645W (Research )
3 Credits*NURS655 (Community Health Nursing I )
2 Credits*NURS656 ("Community Health Nursing II: Individuals, Familie )
1 Credits*NURS656C (Community Health Nursing II/Clinical )
4 Credits*NURS703W (Nursing Leadership/Management and the Organization )
7 Credits*NURS719 (Professional Nursing Practice: Transitions )
3 Credits*Discovery Writing Skills
4 Credits*Discovery Inquiry Course
3 Credits*Discovery Physical Science or *Discovery Physical Science with Lab
3 Credits*Discovery Environment, Technology & Society
3 Credits*Discovery Historical Perspectives
3 Credits*Discovery World Cultures
3 Credits*Discovery Fine & Performing Arts
3 Credits*Discovery Humanities
3 Credits*Writing Intensive Requirement
42 CreditsGeneral Elective
128 Credits
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Minimum Program Grade:

RTP Last Updated: December 02, 2010

This RTP may not satisfy all degree requirements at Manchester Community College

* This University of New Hampshire course has no Equivalency at Manchester Community College;
Check with your Advisor for an alternate course.

Additional Requirements & Information

The Discovery Inquiry Course requirement cannot be transferred into UNH, but is waived for any transfer student with Junior or Senior class standing.
UNH accepts a maximum of 64 transfer credits from two-year schools and two-year programs.
An unencumbered registered nurse license is pre-requisite for admission to this major.

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