Major:Criminal Justice (BA) (Starting Fall 2010)
White Mountains CC to Plymouth State University

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3 CreditsBCRM101
3 CreditsBCRM121 or BCRM123
3 CreditsBCRM215
3 CreditsBCRM205
3 Credits*CJ3090 (Criminology)
3 Credits*CJ3150 ("Society, Ethics & the Law")
3 Credits*CJ4400 (Research Methods in Crim Just)
3 Credits*CJ4800 (Criminal Justice Seminar)
3 Credits*CS1170 (Comp Tech in Criminal Justice)
3 CreditsBSOC111
6-7 Credits*AN3170 (Anthro of Conflict & Law) or *AN3600 ("Bones, Bodies & Disease") or BCRM108 or *IS4360 (Cultural Diversity and America) or *PO3630 (Const Law: Civil Liberties) or *PO3680 (Public Policy Analysis) or *PS3030 (Social Psychology) or *PS3700 (Psychology and Law) or BPSY205 or *SO3030 (Social Psychology) or *SO3100 (Urban Sociology) or *SO3370 (Soc of Race and Ethnicity) or *SO3070 (The Sociology of the Family) or *SO3180 (Sociology of Deviance) or *SO3380 (Drugs and Society) or *SO3450 (Social Stratification) or *SW3100 (Child Welfare & Family Service) or *SW3150 (Child Maltreatment)
3 Credits*CJ2350 Stats for Criminal Justice or BMAT214 or *MA2350 (Stats for Criminal Justice)
3 CreditsBENG120
3 Credits*IS1111 (First Year Sem: Crit Thinking)
3 CreditsMathematics Foundation
6 CreditsCreative Thought Direction
6 CreditsPast and Present Direction
6-8 CreditsScientific Inquiry Direction
6 CreditsSelf and Society Direction
3 CreditsWellness Connection
6 CreditsBA Foreign Language Requirement AREA
36 CreditsGeneral Elective
120 Credits
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* This Plymouth State University course has no Equivalency at White Mountains CC;
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