Major:Computer Science (BS) (Starting Fall 2011)
NHTI - Concord to University of New Hampshire

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3 Credits*ENGL502 (Technical Writing)
4 CreditsMT205
4 Credits*MATH426 (Calculus II)
4 Credits*MATH531 (Mathematical Proof)
4 Credits*MATH539 Introduction to Statistical Analysis or MT271
8 Credits ( PH231 and PH232 )
 ( *BIOL411 (Principles of Biology I) and *BIOL412 (Principles of Biology II) )
 ( CH103 and CH104 )
 ( *ESCI401 (Dynamic Earth) and *ESCI402 (Earth History) )
 ( *ESCI402 (Earth History) and *ESCI409 (Geology and the Environment) )
4 Credits*PHIL424 ("Science, Technology, and Society")
8 Credits*BIOL411 (Principles of Biology I) or *BIOL412 (Principles of Biology II) or *BIOL413 or *BIOL414 or *HMP501 (Epidemiology and Community Medicine) or *BMS501 (Microbes in Human Disease) or *PBIO412 (Introductory Botany) or *PBIO421 (Introductory Horticulture) or *ZOOL412 (Biology of Animals) or *PHIL447 (Computer Power and Human Reason) or *CHEM401 (Chemistry Essentials) or *CHEM402 or CH103 or CH104 or *CHEM405 (Chemical Principles for Engineers) or *ESCI401 (Dynamic Earth) or *ESCI402 (Earth History) or *ESCI405 (Global Environmental Change) or *ESCI409 (Geology and the Environment) or *ESCI501 (Introduction to Oceanography) or *NR504 (Freshwater Resources) or PH231 or PH232
1 Credits*CS400 (Introduction to Computer Science)
4 Credits*CS415 (Introduction to Computer Science I)
4 Credits(CP107 and CP235 and CP240 and CP260 and CP301 and CP303) or (CP107 and CP235 and CP240 and CP260 and CP301 and CP303) or (CP107 and CP235 and CP240 and CP260 and CP301 and CP303)
4 Credits*CS515 (Data Structures)
4 Credits*CS516 (Introduction to Software Design and Development)
4 Credits*CS520 (Assembly Language Programming and Machine Organiza)
2 Credits*CS595 (Computer Science Seminar)
4 Credits*CS620 (Operating System Fundamentals)
4 Credits*CS659 (Introduction to the Theory of Computation)
4 Credits*CS671 (Programming Language Concepts and Features)
4 Credits*CS712 Compiler Design or *CS745 or *CS758
4 Credits*CS719 (Object-Oriented Methodology)
8 Credits*CS700-799
4 Credits*CS696W Independent Study or *CS700W-799W
4 Credits*ECE543 (Introduction to Digital Systems)
4 Credits(EL101 and EL144 and CP215) or (EL101 and EL144 and CP215)
3 CreditsDiscovery Writing Skills
4 CreditsDiscovery Inquiry Course
3 CreditsDiscovery Historical Perspectives
3 CreditsDiscovery World Cultures
3 CreditsDiscovery Fine & Performing Arts
3 CreditsDiscovery Social Science
3 CreditsDiscovery Humanities
4 CreditsGeneral Elective
128 Credits
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RTP Last Updated: August 23, 2010

This RTP may not satisfy all degree requirements at NHTI - Concord

* This University of New Hampshire course has no Equivalency at NHTI - Concord;
Check with your Advisor for an alternate course.

Additional Requirements & Information

The Discovery Inquiry Course requirement cannot be transferred into UNH, but is waived for any transfer student with Junior or Senior class standing.
UNH accepts a maximum of 64 transfer credits from two-year schools and two-year programs.

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