Major:Computer Science (BS) (Starting Fall 2011)
NHTI - Concord to University of New Hampshire

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3 Credits*ENGL502 (Technical Writing)
4 CreditsMT205
4 Credits*MATH426 (Calculus II)
4 Credits*MATH531 (Mathematical Proof)
4 Credits*MATH539 Introduction to Statistical Analysis or MT271
8 Credits ( PH231 and PH232 )
( *BIOL411 (Principles of Biology I) and *BIOL412 (Principles of Biology II) )
( CH103 and CH104 )
( *ESCI401 (Dynamic Earth) and *ESCI402 (Earth History) )
( *ESCI402 (Earth History) and *ESCI409 (Geology and the Environment) )
4 Credits*PHIL424 ("Science, Technology, and Society")
8 Credits*BIOL411 (Principles of Biology I) or *BIOL412 (Principles of Biology II) or *BIOL413 or *BIOL414 or *HMP501 (Epidemiology and Community Medicine) or *BMS501 (Microbes in Human Disease) or *PBIO412 (Introductory Botany) or *PBIO421 (Introductory Horticulture) or *ZOOL412 (Biology of Animals) or *PHIL447 (Computer Power and Human Reason) or *CHEM401 (Chemistry Essentials) or *CHEM402 or CH103 or CH104 or *CHEM405 (Chemical Principles for Engineers) or *ESCI401 (Dynamic Earth) or *ESCI402 (Earth History) or *ESCI405 (Global Environmental Change) or *ESCI409 (Geology and the Environment) or *ESCI501 (Introduction to Oceanography) or *NR504 (Freshwater Resources) or PH231 or PH232
1 Credits(CP107 and CP235 and CP240 and CP260 and CP301 and CP303)
4 Credits(CP107 and CP235 and CP240 and CP260 and CP301 and CP303)
4 Credits(CP107 and CP235 and CP240 and CP260 and CP301 and CP303)
4 Credits*CS515 (Data Structures)
4 Credits*CS516 (Introduction to Software Design and Development)
4 Credits*CS520 (Assembly Language Programming and Machine Organiza)
2 Credits*CS595 (Computer Science Seminar)
4 Credits*CS620 (Operating System Fundamentals)
4 Credits*CS659 (Introduction to the Theory of Computation)
4 Credits*CS671 (Programming Language Concepts and Features)
4 Credits*CS712 Compiler Design or *CS745 or *CS758
4 Credits*CS719 (Object-Oriented Methodology)
8 Credits*CS700-799
4 Credits*CS696W Independent Study or *CS700W-799W
4 Credits(EL101 and EL144 and CP215)
4 Credits(EL101 and EL144 and CP215)
3 CreditsDiscovery Writing Skills
4 CreditsDiscovery Inquiry Course
3 CreditsDiscovery Historical Perspectives
3 CreditsDiscovery World Cultures
3 CreditsDiscovery Fine & Performing Arts
3 CreditsDiscovery Social Science
3 CreditsDiscovery Humanities
4 CreditsGeneral Elective
128 Credits
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RTP Last Updated: August 23, 2010

This RTP may not satisfy all degree requirements at NHTI - Concord

* This University of New Hampshire course has no Equivalency at NHTI - Concord;
Check with your Advisor for an alternate course.

Additional Requirements & Information

The Discovery Inquiry Course requirement cannot be transferred into UNH, but is waived for any transfer student with Junior or Senior class standing.
UNH accepts a maximum of 64 transfer credits from two-year schools and two-year programs.

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