Major:Biotechnology (BS) (Starting Fall 2010)
Great Bay Community College to Plymouth State University

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4 Credits*BI1110 (Biological Science I)
4 Credits*BI1120 (Biological Science II)
4 CreditsBIOL210
4 Credits*BI3060 (Genetics)
4 Credits*BI4100 (Cell Structure and Function)
4 Credits*BI4180 (Biotechnology)
4 Credits*BI4200 (Senior Research)
8 Credits*BI1000-4999 or *CH1000-4999
2 Credits*BI4190 Introduction to Research or *CH4190 (Introduction to Research)
1 Credits*CH1050 (Laboratory Safety)
4 CreditsCHEM115
4 CreditsCHEM116
2 Credits*CH2250 (Techniques in Lab Chemistry)
4 Credits*CH3020 (Biochemistry I)
4 CreditsCHEM200
4 Credits*CH3380 (Organic Chemistry II)
7 CreditsMATH171(Inactive) or MATH210 or MATH202(Inactive) or MATH225 or *MA2490 Applied Calculus I or *MA2500 (Applied Calculus II) or MATH204(Inactive) or MATH230 or MATH250
Choose 1 of the next 2 Credit Groups:
8 CreditsPHYS135 and PHYS136
8 CreditsPHYS290 and PHYS295
3 CreditsENGL110 or ENGL214
3 CreditsHUMA150
6 CreditsCreative Thought Direction
6 CreditsPast and Present Direction
6 CreditsSelf and Society Direction
3 CreditsIntegration Connection
3 CreditsWellness Connection
3 CreditsGlobal Awareness Connection
3 CreditsDiversity Connection
8 CreditsGeneral Elective
120 Credits
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