Major:Art- 3D Studio Art Option (BFA) (Starting Fall 2010)
NHTI - Concord to Plymouth State University

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3 CreditsFA103(Inactive) or VRTS103 or VRTS103C
3 Credits*AR1060 (Form in 3D )
3 Credits(FA101(Inactive) and FA201(Inactive)) or (VRTS101 and VRTS201) or (VRTS101C and VRTS201) or (VRTS101 and VRTS201C)
3 CreditsFA210(Inactive) or VRTS210 or VRTS210C
3 Credits(FA120(Inactive) and FA220(Inactive)) or (VRTS120 and VRTS220) or (VRTS120C and VRTS220) or (VRTS120 and VRTS220C)
3 Credits*AR3220 (Ceramic Exploration )
3 Credits*AR3300 (Process and Printmaking )
6 Credits*AR4110 (Senior Thesis I )
6 Credits*AR4120 (Senior Thesis II )
Choose 1 of the next 2 Credit Groups:
8 Credits*AR3060 (Sculpture: Representing Body ) or *AR3160 (Sculpture: Objects and Ideas ) or *AR3660 (Advanced Sculpture )
8 Credits*AR3230 (Ceramic Design: Potters Wheel ) and *AR4230 (The Art of Ceramics )
3 Credits*AR3060 (Sculpture: Representing Body ) or *AR3160 (Sculpture: Objects and Ideas )
3 CreditsVRTS111 or VRTS111C
3 CreditsFA112(Inactive) or VRTS112 or VRTS112C
3 CreditsFA115(Inactive) or VRTS115 or VRTS115C
3 Credits*AH3100 (Contemporary Art Seminar )
3 Credits*AH3530 (Arts of the Far East ) or *AH3620 (Mesoamericn Arts:Maya to Kahlo )
3 Credits*AE3500 (Technology for Art Education ) or EN135 or ENGL135C or IST or IST102AC or IST102C or IST102XC or IT102 or IT102A or IT102X or IT108 or *CS1170 (Comp Tech in Criminal Justice )
3 CreditsEN101 or EN201 or ENGL101C or ENGL201C
3 Credits*IS1111 (First Year Sem: Crit Thinking )
3 CreditsMathematics Foundation
6 CreditsPast and Present Direction
6-8 CreditsScientific Inquiry Direction
6 CreditsSelf and Society Direction
3 CreditsWellness Connection
3 CreditsDiversity Connection
25 CreditsGeneral Elective
122 Credits
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RTP Last Updated: July 21, 2010

This RTP may not satisfy all degree requirements at NHTI - Concord

* This Plymouth State University course has no Equivalency at NHTI - Concord;
Check with your Advisor for an alternate course.

Additional Requirements & Information

A portfolio is required for admission to the Department of Art. Portfolio guidelines are available on the Department of Art website,, or by contacting the department chair, 603-535-2201.
The maximum number of credits that can transfer from a two-year institution to PSU is 65 semester hours.

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