Major:Art Education (BS) (Starting Fall 2012)
Lakes Region Community College to Plymouth State University

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3 CreditsARTS1500L or LART1500
3 Credits*AE2000 (Foundations of Art Education)
3 Credits*AE3050 (Methods & Materials for Art Ed)
3 Credits*AE3060 (Inst Plan & Pedag of Art Ed)
3 Credits*AE3100 (Curric & Assmnt for Art Educ)
3 Credits*AE3500 (Technology for Art Education)
12 Credits*AE4950 (Art Ed Student Teaching K-12) or
( *AE4960 (Art Ed Student Teach Secondary) and *AE4970 (Art Ed Student Teaching: Elem) )
3 CreditsARTS1300L or LART1300
3 CreditsARTS1350L or LART1350
3 CreditsARTS2350L or LART2350
3 CreditsARTS1200L or LART1200
4 CreditsARTS1250L or LART1250
4 CreditsARTS1150L or LART1150
4 CreditsARTS2130L or LART2150
3 Credits*AR3010 (Painting: Theory and Process)
4 Credits*AR3220 (Ceramic Exploration)
3 Credits*AR3300 (Process and Printmaking)
8 Credits*AH3000-4999 or *AR300-4999OFAG3000-4999 or *PT3000-4999
4 Credits*AR3060 (Sculpture: Representing Body) or *AR3160 (Sculpture: Objects and Ideas)
3 Credits*CD3000 (Phil&Hist Persp Child Society)
3 Credits*PS3190 (Development and Understanding)
3 Credits*SE3090 (Intro to Special Ed:Mid & Sec)
3 CreditsENGL1200L or LENG1200
3 Credits*IS1111 (First Year Sem: Crit Thinking)
3 CreditsMathematics Foundation
6 CreditsPast and Present Direction
6-8 CreditsScientific Inquiry Direction
6 CreditsSelf and Society Direction
3 CreditsGlobal Awareness Connection
5 CreditsGeneral Elective
122 Credits
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* This Plymouth State University course has no Equivalency at Lakes Region Community College;
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Additional Requirements & Information

A portfolio is required for admission to the Department of Art. Portfolio guidelines are available on the Art Department website.

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